Yangon Taxi

Taxis are the easiest way to get around Yangon. You’ll see lots of older model white Toyota Corolla taxis throughout the city, which can be hailed on the street. Registered taxis bear red license tags and display the driver’s ID card on the dash board.

You’ll find that most taxi drivers are reliable. Taxis also queue at the larger hotels and at the south entrance to the Shwedagon Pagoda. It’s customary to negotiate the fare in advance of your trip.

Most people visiting Myanmar arrive at Yangon airport and want to take a taxi from Yangon Airport to the Yangon city center. Taxi is the primary mode of transportation used in getting from Yangon airport to the city center. Taxis from Yangon airport to Yangon cost around USD$10 if you use the taxi stand inside the airport. If you leave the Yangon airport to find a taxi outside, you can usually get a little better price.

Like any other cities in the world, Yangon has a lot of taxis running the streets of the city. Unlike other cities in the world, taxis in Yangon are not metered, that means there is no meter to calculate the fare. In fact, there is not a single taxi with a meter in Yangon. (However, this might change in the near future as the Yangon municipality has plans to install meters in taxis). So you have to bargain with the taxi driver when you hire a taxi. Usually most taxi drivers ask for a higher price, especially if you are a foreigner or somebody coming from up country. If you don’t know the usual price, you might be cheated. So a good bet is to bargain for around half the asking price. It is cheaper to hire a taxi using the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Look for the CNG sign on the side of the taxi. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is cheaper to hire a taxi driving on the road than the one parked on the side. Those parked around shopping centers would ask for higher than normal price.

Public bus service is available in the city, but buses are typically overcrowded and in poor repair. They provide the cheapest mode of transport, however, and hundreds of routes criss-cross the city. Smaller pick-up trucks that have been converted into passenger transport vehicles are also available, with rows of seats installed in the back. This is a popular and inexpensive way to get around, and an alternative to using the buses.

Myanmar’s rail services all originate at Yangon’s main rail station, located on Kun Chan street. The main station is also the only place that train tickets can be purchased. Travel classes available include: sleeper, upper and ordinary classes. Service to Mandalay runs six times each day, with a journey time of 15 hours. Services are also offered to Bago, four times daily; Kyalkhto, twice daily; and to Thazi, five times daily. Pagan and Taunggyi can also be reached by train, and schedules are available at the main rail station.
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