Yangon Le Planteur restaurant

Le Planteur has been established in Yangon since 1997 but relocated in 2006 to a colonial era mansion situated in more than 1 hectare of landscaped garden close to the city centre.

The renovated red brick manor, which dates from the beginning of the British period, has been carefully restored to its original form; a unique blend of colonial design with charming Myanmar influences.Diners are invited to spend an evening in the luxurious tropical garden, a subtle landscape of tropical plants, mature trees and a fish pond behind which water cascades.Soft music envelops the garden, which is lit by lights nestled behind traditional umbrellas and set among the bushes. The garden is treated to be mosquito free so that diners can enjoy dinner in peace at their candle-lit tables.The tall slender palms waving their fronds in the cool breeze, the relaxing music and diffuse lighting all serve to make the garden a little corner of paradise.

Our dedication to excellent service and regular updates to the menu have secured Le Planteur’s reputation as the most distinguished restaurant in Myanmar. The restaurant has received numerous awards and remains guided by the personal vision of its owner-chef, a close follower of the great names in haute cuisine, such as Roland Pierroz and Girardet in Switzerland At Le Planteur we consider our chefs and service staff essential to the excellence of the food, which is why we continue regular training and have a program of sending our chefs to prestigious restaurants such as La Côte St Jacques (Michelin guide ***) in France to keep them abreast of the latest techniques and trends in food.

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