Nightlife in Yangon

Nightlife in Yangon is very entertaining. After dusk, one can visit the pubs, bars and discos of Yangon to seek entertainment.

People can enjoy the Nightlife in Yangon by drinking and by listening to the peppy numbers that are played in the bars. Most big hotels in Yangon offer some kind of nightlife entertainment to the tourists who visit the city. While some offer native shows with Myanmar dancing and a Myanmar orchestra as background music other hotels organize artistic show.The pubs and bars in the big hotels of Yangon offer just more or less the same as elsewhere in the region. Most pubs and bars have pretty ladies who are forever willing to give you company.

Nightlife in Yangon also includes visiting disco, karaoke and pub restaurants in certain places like China Town. They also offer fashion shows where pretty models show homemade fashion with hot background music. The best of such kind of entertainment can be found in the Asia Plaza Disco from 10 pm to 1 am and the in the Zero Zone Rock Restaurant from 8.30 pm to 10 pm at ten gi ze road in Chinatown which is the main nightlife spot in Myanmar. The Zero Zone Rock Restaurant offers almost 2 hours of continuous fashion show showing about 10 fashion show groups with a bevy of pretty girls. The restaurant has just introduced some nightlife dancing shows as well.

Some of the best nightlife can be availed in the Asia Plaza Disco in Yangon. The disco organizes interesting dance show program and continuous fashion show from around 10 fashion show groups from 10pm to about 1 am. The closing time of the disco varies according to customer load. The Asia Plaza Disco is also a very safe nightlife place. The 10 real strong security guys take out every troublemaker promptly.

Thet Kam Entertainment is a disco with a lot of nice young ladies having fun there. Across the street, there is Palace Disco and Empire Disco. Both discos have plenty of girls and a fashion show around 11 pm. All the discos charge an entrance fee. The charge for drinks is separate.
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