Cultural Activities

Visitors will find a number of galleries and museums throughout Yangon, which are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Myanmar.

Performances of Burmese classical dance are staged at the National Theatre, marionette troupes entertain at venues throughout the city and several hotels offer dinners that feature traditional music and dance. Karaweik is an immense concrete reproduction of a royal barge that’s situated at the east end of Kandawgyi Lake. It’s quite an impressive sight when viewed from across the lake, particularly at night when it’s illuminated. Traditional dance performances are held here in the evenings.

Marionette Shows

Marionette shows have been a significant part of Burmese tradition since the 18th century, and today shows are held at changing venues around Yangon. Local marionette masters usually change venues frequently, but the local papers have listings of upcoming performances and staff at your hotel will be able to provide you with information as well.

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Wingaba Art Gallery

One of Myanmar’s largest and most impressive art galleries, the Wingaba Gallery often hosts exhibitions of works by local artists and their students. The gallery, which is expatriate-owned, regularly features works in oil and charcoal as well as photographs and prints.
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