Children’s Activities

Yangon offers a few playgrounds and amusement parks for children, as well as an aquarium and a zoo.

The more popular playgrounds include Mya Kyun Thar and Mahabandoola Garden, while the View Point Amusement Park attracts the largest numbers of visitors. There are traditional games that children can take part in also, which provide an opportunity for meeting local children of the same age.

Mahabandoola Garden and Playground

This popular venue for children is located in the centre of the city and provides a good place for families to relax. There are adequate facilities for children to enjoy themselves including a few mechanical rides at the southern end of the playground, and of course plenty of local children to meet.

Top Spinning

Top spinning pear-shaped wooden tops is a popular pastime with children here. Boys tend to throw the top from shoulder level, while girls often place it on the ground, hold it and use a string to start it spinning. You’ll find tops for sale in most shops. Buy one for your children and encourage them to join in with the local kids.

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